'America's Got Talent': Howard Stern in for Season 9

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howard-stern-americas-got-talent-season-9.jpgHoward Stern revealed on his radio show Tuesday (Nov. 19) that he has signed on for another season of NBC's popular summer variety competition program "America's Got Talent" -- but it wasn't an easy decision.

"I really did struggle with the deicsion .. I really wanted to decide if this was going to take away too much of my free time," says Stern. "Did I really still enjoy doing it? Did I have something to say? Is it something I should be involved with still?"

He adds that while the gig may have "started out as a goof," he's given it a lot of thought and that NBC adjusted the scheduling to accommodate him, so he's going back.

"The big black hole in me that demands attention ... it won. I am going back for one season more."

What do you think, "AGT" fans? Excited for the return of Stern?
Photo/Video credit: NBC