'America's Got Talent': Sharon Osbourne defends Howard Stern on 'The Talk'

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The Parents Television Council is up in arms about radio host Howard Stern taking over Piers Morgan's judging seat on "America's Got Talent." "AGT" judge Sharon Osbourne explains that the PTC thinks Stern's 'shock-jock antics' will make the show less family-friendly.

Osbourne responds, "I think that they're a bit slow because I've been on the show for six years and I have such a potty mouth ... I talk like a truck driver. So they're a bit late."

Aisha Tyler astutely points out that Howard Stern is on a pay radio station and an hour-long television show is very different. She also says - what, are parents going to not let their kids watch "Shrek" because Eddie Murphy played Donkey, referring of course to Eddie Murphy's quite colorful stand-up from the 1980s.

Tyler then also speaks of her own stand-up act, which is not family-friendly, and says, "Our shows are for grown-ups ... that's one expression of who you are as an artist and this is a different one."

What do you think, "AGT" fans?
Photo/Video credit: NBC