'America's Got Talent's' Nick Cannon on Mariah Carey's 'no-singing clause,' Christmas gifts and more

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mariah-carey-nick-cannon-getty.jpg"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon was on "Rachael Ray" Thursday (Nov. 14) where he talks about his wife Mariah Carey, like what's on her Christmas list and the "no-singing clause" that she has given him.

"It definitely has to be thoughtful, for someone like that who can buy anything they want for themselves, it's all about a thoughtful gift," says Cannon. "So I try to do sweet, funny stuff that makes her smile. A lot of custom-made things ... get something engraved with her name on it, or a poem when I write. ... paintings. I'm not great painter, but at least it came from the heart."

But even a thoughtful present doesn't get Cannon the rights to sing in their household.

"In my house, there's a no-singing clause because my wife doesn't want me to have a poor influence on our children's vocal ability. I can't even teach 'em how to sing the ABCs. She's like, 'I'll handle that. That is not in key,'" he laughs.

We weren't really expecting him to, but Cannon did not address his wife's recent comments comparing "American Idol" to working in "hell" every day.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images