'America's Next Top Model'

Tvfashw601Say whatever you want about Tyra Banks and America's Next Top Model on The CW, but the truth is this show is closer to the American dream than a four-bedroom Cape Cod on a quiet street. Fame for fame's sake is what makes reality television the cash cow that it is and allows viewers to dream out loud -- "That could be me!"

Yes, yes it could. If you are semitall, semithin and semibeautiful, you've got a shot at making this show. Sadly, winning means almost nothing -- especially when you consider the only winner anyone remembers, Adrianne Curry from season one, ended up with a Brady for all her trouble. Even so, this show's absolute disregard for what makes an actual fashion model inspired us to do something we've never done before -- write about a show's clothing line. Because just wearing its T-shirts makes you seem like a contender.

No, we're not talking about a fashion line from a show such as The O.C. that was once available through Amazon.com, but rather items on the corporate Web site of America's Next Top Model for fans to purchase and wear, literally becoming walking billboards for the show. While most series have T-shirts with their names or logos affixed, ANTM is the only series we know of with its title printed on panties (and trust us, we've looked). Speaking of which, ANTM has two choices in the underwear department, a pair of hot shorts in baby blue featuring the show's title displayed subtly across the derriere, and a pair of boy briefs in red with white piping and an elastic band with the logo perched up front. Both can be paired with matching tops.

A red cotton camisole with elastic spaghetti straps over jeans or short shorts is a perfect option for warm summer days, the Top Model logo stretching across your chest. And a baby rib spaghetti strap tank paired with the baby-blue hot shorts looks great as loungewear.

For something a little more outgoing, we suggest the show's trifecta of T-shirts. These skintight boutique-style shirts are made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Lycra, helping them hug you at every turn. The Fierce version is in mauve and features a face with rhinestone-outlined lipstick and the word "fierce" stamped across it. The Film Strip version is gray and features a foil print on the ANTM logo as well as on the lipstick prints that adorn the look of a roll of film.

But our favorite is the white Silhouette, with the traditional logo in rhinestone over the lengthy silhouette of a model in pink. As much as it pains us to say it, when paired with jeans, this actually is a good look. No, you probably won't see Tyra wearing one anytime soon -- nor Adrianne, since they apparently can't stand each other -- but on you it could get some guy to buy you drinks at your local watering hole. And doesn't that feel like winning?