'America's Next Top Model': 4 makeovers only a model could love

Second only to ultimately crowning the winner, Tyra Banks wields a dangerous power every cycle of "America's Next Top Model." That power is called the "Ty-over." It's when Tyra's talent and experience meets the needs of reality TV drama to create the most unnecessary grief possible. 

Here are Cycle 15's high fashion victims:

Liz: We think you come off looking way too manly sometimes. So, we're going to cut your hair short and just go there fulltime. We've also booked your sex reassignment surgery for this afternoon.

Terra: You're a big crybaby. So while the other Black models get weaves, we're going to give you Liz's pre-makeover look. That should really take you over the edge.

Sara: Bleached blonde hair? Way too commercial for a high fashion model. Bleached blond brows? Eh, it's kind of ironic, right? Plus, it makes us giggle.

Chelsey: We want to accentuate your gap, because a high fashion model should be both edgy and have the ability to remove nails with her teeth.

Bonus: Mr. Jay's atrocious denim vest. $100 to hear Miss J's thoughts on that topic.

Editor's note: Considering some of the model's ages (and Jay's vanity), we are aware that some or all of this article can be considered acts of teen bullying. In that case, Demi Lovato has an important message for you.

On the bright side, the other makeovers were pretty spot on, no?

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Photo credit: The CW