'America's Next Top Model' finale: Sophie vs. Laura - who will win? Vote now!

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america's-next-top-model-british-invasion-finale.jpgThe "America's Next Top Model: British Invasion" cycle is coming to a close and it's Brit Sophie Sumner versus Yankee Laura LaFrate. Who do you think will win it all?

In these preview pics, we get to see both the girls model their black gowns, presumably from their runway showdown (pictured above), while below, you can get a sneak peek at each girl's Cover Girl print ad. We can't honestly decide which one we like better - they both turned out really well.

However, we fear that since a runway show is a big part of the finale that Laura is going to be hurting. Her walk is just not as polished as Sophie's. Who do you think will take the title? Vote below!

And get ready to say goodbye to Jay Manuel, Nigel Barker and Miss J - none of them are returning next year. So sad!


Photo/Video credit: the CW