'America's Next Top Model': Kyle Gober's pregnancy puts modeling on hold for a bit

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kyle-gober-antm.jpg Kyle Gober is the latest eliminated contestant from " America's Next Top Model." She tells Zap2it all about her experience in the house, but the big news is that her modeling career is temporarily on hold because she and her fiance are expecting a baby!

Was "ANTM" everything you expected it would be?

"Yeah, definitely. All the challenges were so much fun. I got to work with so many cool people. It was so interesting to do all these different things and experience the life of actually being a model. You don't realize until you're in the house how hard it is to be a model. Before the show, I hadn't done a ton of stuff. But being on the show is back-to-back craziness. You get to experience the real life of a model."

Why was it so hard on you? Why did you want to quit last week?

"Basically, I wasn't able to talk to my parents very much. I'm really big on family, so I really needed motherly advice. It was just craziness and so hectic, living with all the girls. I just think the pressure of everything coming down at once and how stressful it was just made me like kind of lose it for a minute.

I did make the mistake of saying I wanted to go home. I said something I probably shouldn't have said. I do regret saying that. Obviously, I wanted to be there. I wouldn't have come all the way out to L.A. if I wanted to be there. I wanted to win the whole thing."

What did you think of the girls saying it was unfair you got to use the butt pad during the challenge?

Uhh, I was a little bit upset about it because the dresses didn't fit me, like I said on the show. I was one of the tiniest girls in the house. I went through like every dress on that rack and they were just hanging off me. The whole challenge was accentuating the booty tooch, so the stylist gave me the butt pad and little fake gel boob thingies. We were laughing, having fun about it. And when I watched the episode last night, it was weird to see that tthe girls were so angry about it, because I thought they were OK about it. If I knew the girls were going to get really mad about it, I probably wouldn't have used them."

Was there anyone you were rooting for once you were eliminated?

"Eboni and Seymone. Me and Seymone are so close, especially in the house, we formed a really tight bond. We were always getting picked on and stuff. And then Eboni, to me personally, I think has one of the strongest looks. I hope she wins. She's very versatile to me. She has this different look, she's high fashion and she's commercial, she would have the best opportunity to go far after the show. She's my bet right now."

What's next for you? What have you been doing since your time on the show?

Me and my fiance just found out that I'm pregnant! I'm having a baby, so my next step is being a mom. But I definitely don't want to give up on modeling. Hopefully I'll snap wright back into shape.

Kyle tells us she's due Nov. 23, so congratulations to her and her fiance. "America's Next Top Model" airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

Photo/Video credit: the CW