Amy Adams offered 'Muppets' role by Kermit the Frog himself

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jason-segel-kermit-muppets.jpg Amy Adams is one lucky lady. Not only does she get to play the girlfriend of the ever-adorable Jason Segel in "The Muppets," she was also asked to join the film by a familiar face.

In the video, which is posted on Deadline, Adams is offered her role by writer and co-star Jason Segel (who also composed a lovely song about her) and the film's other co-star, Kermit the Frog. He's even got his own director's chair! We're assuming traditional Hollywood negotiating tactics don't always include an iconic TV and movie character begging you by name to join the film, right?

The only way this video could be any cuter is if they filmed Adams' reaction while she watched it. They had to know they were guaranteed a "yes." Come on, if Kermit the Frog asked you to do pretty much anything, would you turn him down?

Photo/Video credit: Deadline