Amy Poehler's 'Yes Please' book cover revealed: Check out the awesome photo

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amy-poehler-book-cover-revealed.jpg The rumors are true: Amy Poehler is following in her BFF Tina Fey's footsteps and is writing a book. Not only is this incredible bit of news true, we now have the actual book cover to confirm it.

Check out the awesome book cover photo for "Yes Please" below:

amy-poehler-yes-please-book-cover.jpgUm, yes please. We love everything about this, from the "Parks and Rec" star's take-no-prisoners expression, to her fabulous yet understated fashion, to her defiant pose. It's everything we could have wanted and more. And it's only the cover!

Poehler debuted the cover for "Yes Please" on "Today" on Wednesday (May 28), and announced that her first book will cover "a variety of topics, from friendship and parenting to advice on love and life." No word yet on whether or not she'll write about the new Netflix "Wet Hot American Summer" prequel series, but hey, one can dream right?

"Yes Please" will be available Oct. 28, 2014.
Photo/Video credit: Dey Street Books