An amazing kitten becomes a slam-dunk sensation in a new viral video

Cats are rarely the most helpful of pets, but one kitten is taking the Internet by storm by using its slam-dunk abilities to help with the laundry.

Not only is this cat helpful, it's also adorable.

In a YouTube video -- "Cat helps out with dirty laundry" -- posted by PETSAMI on Tuesday (Jan. 15), a small cat helps its owner put fabric in a hamper with the help of some high-end basketball moves. The cat, whose name is not given, manages to whack just about every piece of clothing straight into the basket.

There aren't many NBA players with higher percentages than this little kitty.

This newest Internet cat video is doing swift business -- there have been more than 400,000 views of the clip in just a few days. Considering that this particular bit of online cuteness has yet to be picked up by the morning TV news (yet), we can expect this number to balloon even faster in the coming days.

Although the kitten's actions are impressive throughout the video (the animal helps get 11 out of 14 pieces of fabric in the basket), the best catch may be at the 36-second mark when the cat leaps a couple of feet upward to dunk an article of clothing straight into the basket.

The cat is just on YouTube now, but don't be surprised if we see it soon at an NBA game!

Photo/Video credit: PETSAMI via YouTube