Andrej Pejic, androgynous model, can walk fashion week in both men's and women's shows

andrej-pejic-1.jpgModel Andrej Pejic, 20, is at the 2012 New York City Fashion Week and will possibly be seen on the runway in both men's and women's shows. Pejic previously walked in Paris Fashion Week in 2011 for both gender's shows, modeling a line by Jean-Paul Gaultier for which Pejic was actually an inspiration.

Pejic's androgynous look was all the rage in 2011, as he graced many runways and 14 magazine covers. "He's just this beautiful thing that everyone wants a piece of," stylist Ken Anderson tells the AP.

At 6'1 and very slender, Pejic is a women's size 2 or 4, which is perfect for modeling in women's shows. The only problem he runs into are the shoes - he has to squeeze into women's size 10, since apparently women's size 11 are not made available.

As for New York Fashion Week, which kicked off Thursday (Feb. 9), there is no word yet as to which, if any, shows Pejic will be walking in, but we will keep you posted. For now, Pejic is pictured above at German Fashion Week in January 2012, below left at a Paris show in March 2011 and below right at Paris Fashion Week in January 2011.


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images