Andrew Koenig's parents walk out on 'Larry King Live'

Walter-Judy-Koenig-Andrew.jpgIn the most recent event in a story full of bizarre turns, missing "Growing Pains" star Andrew Koenig's parents Walter and Judy Levitt Koenig, walked out on their scheduled interview on " Larry King Live" today (Wed. Feb. 24).

"Folks, for some reason," Larry King said on the show. "[The parents of the missing Andrew Koenig] left the studio in Vancouver. We checked them out. They were prepared to go on. I said hello. They said hello. We said we'll be on in two minutes. They said fine and they got up and left for reasons unknown."

Afterward, King still expressed confusion over their abrupt departure tweeting, "Still not sure what happened with the Koenigs. I talked to them in the break and told them they were on next. Then they left..."

It's definitely a strange move for the couple, who recently flew to Vancouver and has stepped up the public appeal for information on their son's whereabouts.