Andy Cohen: 'I felt a little emasculated by Miss Montenegro' after taunt

andy-cohen-miss-universe-getty.jpgApparently Miss Congeniality isn't so congenial after all.

Miss Universe pageant co-host Andy Cohen explains on "Live with Regis and Kelly" Friday (Sept. 16) that at the recent beauty contest, Miss Montenegro, harassed him about his height.

He tells Kelly Ripa that Nikolina Loncar asked the 5'9" Cohen, "Why are you so short?"

Later on, the 5'9" Loncar, accompanied by Miss Sri Lanka Stephanie Siriwardhana, continued to pester the co-host by calling him "short man."

Loncar went on to win Miss Congeniality much to Cohen's disappointment.

Here's video of the clearly miffed Cohen discussing the event.

Photo/Video credit: Darren Decker/Miss Universe Org, Getty