Andy Cohen made Lady Gaga's pee into perfume: 'That is a pop-culture artifact'

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host Andy Cohen sat down with "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday (Nov. 19) where he shared a rather disturbing anecdote about when Lady Gaga appeared on his show earlier this year.

"Here's the deal. So [Lady Gaga] peed in a trashcan in her dressing room ... it's a long story, but she did. She said on her way out, ':ook, I couldn't get my way to the bathroom' -- she's a superstar, she's Lady Gaga, she can pee wherever she wants, as far as I'm concerned," says Cohen. "And so I said to our PAs, 'You guys, we gotta do something with Gaga's pee, that's a pop-culture artifact. We could bottle that up and put it somewhere in the club house.'"

"I have a Renaissance PA named Ryan and he emails me and goes, 'Look, Gaga's pee is going to go toxic.' Not 'cause it's Gaga's pee, but just pee goes toxic, apparently," says Cohen. "But he found a recipe online where you can make it into something else using alcohol and stuff. He made it into perfume, so we have it in a pretty bottle. I know, it's kinda gross, but that is a pop-culture artifact, if you ask me."

Gaga is the one who actually alerted the internet of this little endeavor. She tweeted back on Nov. 12: "So @Andy told me they made perfume out of my pee from the trash in WWH dressing room (long story) U HAVE BEEN WARNED IF HE TRIES TO SPRITZ U."

Cohen also reminisces about interviewing both Cher and Oprah -- but he did not get any of their pee with which to concoct potions.
Photo/Video credit: NBC