Andy Samberg hosts 'Saturday Night Live' with help from Maya Rudolph, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, Paul Rudd, Martin Short, Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, 2 Chainz, Tatiana Maslany ... and Justin Timberlake, kind of

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snl-andy-samberg.jpg For the season finale of "Saturday Night Live," Lorne Michaels brought out the big guns with host Andy Samberg.

The "SNL" alum returned to host a star-studded episode on May 17, filled with old friends and new faces. Kicking off the finale in the cold open, Maya Rudolph made a hilarious appearance as Beyonce with Sasheer Zamata's Solange and Jay Pharoah's Jay Z to explain the whole reason behind the now-infamous elevator brawl: Solange saw a spider on Jay Z and was just getting it off of him, of course! They even revealed the audio with the footage to back up their story. It all makes sense now.

And the night was only just getting started. During Samberg's monologue, he was joined up onstage by Seth Meyers, who helped him break Bill Hader's impression record on "SNL" by perfecting 24 more impressions in a speed round. But Hader couldn't let Samberg beat his record, so he came out onstage and did another two -- including Samberg on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" -- and he celebrated with Martin Short, who also came onstage to bring him roses.

But Samberg was quick to tell the audience that Justin Timberlake, Samberg's longtime Digital Short guest star, wouldn't be making any surprise appearances during the episode. He's currently on tour in Russia, but he did send a picture to support his friend:

justin-timberlakes-message-for-andy-samberg.jpgSo nice of him.

Even though Timberlake couldn't make an in-person appearance, pretty much the rest of Samberg's old "SNL" co-stars and friends did. Like how about that all-star lineup for the kissing Vogelcheck family sketch -- Fred Armisen, Kristen Wiig, Paul Rudd, Rudolph and Hader all swapped spit. Or both Digital Shorts, the first with Lil Jon and the second with Tatiana Maslany, Pharrell and Lonely Island? Or the rapping sketch with 2 Chainz? All awesome, hilarious and surprising.

But Samberg didn't just rely on guest stars to make his episode great. He also brought his A-game with old favorite sketches like "Get in the Cage with Nic Cage" where he yelled at Rudd, "Don't sass me, 'Clueless!'" and he brought his classic, self-deprecating humor with him, like when he cracked in his monologue, "I appeared in upwards of 100 digitial shorts and six live sketches. So this is gonna go great!" The whole episode was on point, with little to no low points. 

You could tell it was a season finale. 
Photo/Video credit: NBC