Andy Samberg + Lady Gaga = Greatest Shark Week ever?

Are you aware that Shark Week is cable television's "longest-running programming event?" Do you even know what that means

It really doesn't matter, because as you will probably agree, Discovery Channel's summer block of shark-related programming is kind of a magical thing. Somehow it still finds ways to reinvent itself, 24 years into its run.

Previously-announced host and Chief Shark Officer Andy Samberg ( "Saturday Night Live") will lend his particular brand of comedy to this year's festivities, and though he's only in the first promo for a fraction of a second, it's quite funny.

Pay close attention to Samberg's frightened mug inside a one-man submersible at approximately the 23-second mark -- after a montage of sharks choreograph their chomping to Lady Gaga. 

Shark Week 2011 kicks off July 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET on Discovery Channel.
Photo/Video credit: Discovery