Andy Samberg wants a Prince for 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Super Bowl episode

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andy-samberg-brooklyn-99-super-bowl-episode-fox.jpg "New Girl" may have Prince for its special post- Super Bowl XLVIII episode, but Andy Samberg is trying to get a Prince for the post-game episode of his Golden Globe-winning comedy, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

"We're going to get Prince Fielder from the [Texas Rangers]," he jokes to Zap2it about the big episode. "We're just gonna say 'Prince...' We'll do an ellipsis after Prince and then maybe put Fielder in parentheses."

Samberg had been out until 4 a.m. celebrating his Golden Globe win the night before he spoke to Zap2it -- "It's the only time I've ever showed up to work slightly drunk and got a standing ovation from my co-workers," he jokes -- but even sleep deprivation wouldn't get him to reveal anything too major about the comedy's big episode.

"We have Dean Winters coming back, he played a character called the Vulture. We have Fred Armisen coming back as his weird door-opener character -- that's a good description," Samberg says with a laugh. "And Joe Theismann has a cameo, and a few other fun surprises."

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will air its special Super Bowl episode directly after "New Girl" on Sunday night (Feb. 2). 
Photo/Video credit: FOX