Anne Hathaway's ill-gotten jewelry could be yours

anne-hathaway-getty.jpgAs if Anne Hathaway's relationship with ex-boyfriend/convicted felon Raffaello Follieri couldn't have ended more badly, now comes this capper: Jewelry he gave her is going on the block in a government auction.

That's right: You could soon be the proud owner of a gold Rolex (which retails for a cool 25 grand), rings, bracelets and other baubles Follieri bought for Hathaway with money he gained through his illegal activity.

The Smoking Gun has photos of the loot, which also includes another Rolex valued at $5,000, a necklace with five strands of pearls, two rings, a pair of bracelets, a couple more necklaces and a Louis Vuitton box.

Items Follieri got for himself, including a Tiffany clock, a Cartier figurine and a dozen men's watches, will also be for sale, with proceeds going to the government.