Anne Hathaway's pixie cut voted Most Influential Haircut of All Time - really?

anne-hathaway-pixie-influential-haircut-jennifer-aniston.jpgThe Hairdressing Council of Great Britain and University Pictures conducted a poll of 1000 people about the most influential onscreen haircuts of all time. The winner? Anne Hathaway's close crop for "Les Miserables."

The runner-up was Jennifer Aniston's long, curly locks in "Along Came Polly," folloed by Audrey Hepburn's up-do in "Charade" and Veronica Lake's flowing waves in "The Blue Dahlia."

We have to wonder if the people polled really mean the cute pixie cut that she was sporting on red carpets -- because her actual cut in the movie was, frankly, kind of ugly. We also have to wonder if the poll gave multiple choices, instead of just letting the people freely answer -- because who on earth remembers "Along Came Polly"? We have a sneaking suspicion the poll only offered Universal Pictures movies to choose from.

The poll also found that one in 10 women have changed their hairstyle after being inspired by an on-screen film character.

audrey-hepburn-charade.jpg veronica-lake-blue-dahlia.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Universal Pictures