April Fools' Day 2013: Lady Gaga in 'X-Men,' YouTube live streams a reading of every video ever posted, and more pranks

Another April Fools' Day is in the books, and chances are you got tricked at least once. Pranks were pulled all over the internet, and we're going to round up the very best of them for you here.

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" director  Bryan Singer played a prank on his Twitter followers,  tweeting, "I can finally announce @ladygaga is joining #XMen #DaysofFuturePast as Dazzler. One of my all-time favorite characters. Can't wait!" The joke caught many off guard, as Singer has been announcing many of his casting decisions on Twitter.

Google had a field day this year, introducing several "new features." The company rolled out "Google Nose," treasure map searches, as well as GMail Blue

The tech company's crowning achievement happened over on YouTube, though. The video website announced it was ready to close up shop, and "pick a winner." Nearly a day later, the site is still live streaming a reading of every video ever submitted to YouTube. Watch the live stream below:

James Franco and Seth Rogen had a joke of their own, releasing a fake trailer for "Pineapple Express 2." The video featured cameos from Danny McBride and Jonah Hill, and was used to point people to a red band trailer for "This is the End."

Video website Vimeo rebranded themselves "Vimeow" for the day, presenting "the cat videos we love." The site's "Pawsident" Dae Mellencat says they've been working on the change for a half-dozen years.

Justin Bieber played a joke on one group in particular. The Biebs  posted a phone number on his Twitter account, promising he would be taking calls from fans all day. Of course, it wasn't his number he gave, but rather the TMZ tip line.

Travel deals website Kayak added a new "Find Dates" option, in addition to flights, hotels and rental cars. Now they've got everyone completely covered for their upcoming trip.

Twitter announced a new service called Twttr. The company wrote that Twttr would be the new free option, but for the low price of $5 a month you could have access to vowels.

Netflix served up a bunch of strange library options for members, including "Movies Starring Fruits, Vegetables and Fungi" and "Reality TV About People With No Concept of Reality." The best one? "Epic Nicolas Cage Meltdowns."

Finally, The White House got in on the action, posting a video message from the president. Only, the president in question was a nine-year-old.

There you have it, the best of April Fools' Day 2013. Now, let the countdown begin until next year's pranks.

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/Youtube/Video/Kayak/Twitter/Netflix