'Archer' nude pics promote 'Vice,' Season 5 of the animated FX comedy

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To promote the upcoming fifth season of "Archer," the show has placed some revealing new ads on the Reddit forum titled "gonewild," which is where users go to show off their nude bodies in exchange for forum "karma."

The ads link to the FX site advertising Season 5, subtitled "Vice," which Zap2it can confirm takes its inspiration from "Miami Vice," the 1980s cop drama starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas. It's also a bit of a reboot for the animated FX comedy.

H. Jon Benjamin, who voices the title character for "Archer," cracks that he thinks it all came about when creator Adam Reed went on a bender.

"There's a lot of changes and a lot that stays the same obviously, but I think Adam Reed probably got very drunk one night while he was writing on his computer," Benjamin says in a conference call with the press.

"I assume he's of the age where he grew up on ['Miami Vice']," adds Benjamin. "But the good thing is the characters are pretty much the same dynamics. They're the same. It's just more confusion, more of the same confusion."

"Archer Vice" premieres Monday, Jan. 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.
Photo/Video credit: FX