'Archer' Season 4 finale preview: 5 things to know about 'Sea Tunt Part 2'

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archer-sea-tunt-part-2-lana-captain-murphy-fx.jpg "Archer" Season 4 comes to a close tonight with the conclusion of the two-part "Sea Tunt" arc that began last week.

"Sea Tunt Part 1" united the entire ISIS crew on board a ship owned by Cheryl's brother Cecil ( Eugene Mirman, from "Bob's Burgers") and piloted by his sarcastic girlfriend Tiffy ( Kristen Schaal, also from "Bob's Burgers"). And by the end we met Captain Murphy ( Jon Hamm), a madman in an undersea lab threatening to wipe out several American cities with nerve gas missles.

It's all resolved in "Sea Tunt Part 2," along with a few surprises. Here are five teasers of what to expect -- before we have to wait nine months or so for another new episode.

archer-sea-tunt-part-2-randy-magnum-fx.jpg The field agents go undercover as a news crew to meet Murphy: Archer is the cameraman / nationally ranked pro kitesurfer. Because of course. (And as seen in the episode's promo images, he sports the requisite 'stache.)

Captain Murphy makes his demands: He's a man who knows what he wants. But he may not know the best way to get it.

Pam has a sister and another secret hobby: We haven't met Pam's family yet, but an offhanded reference to her sister -- Edie -- could be laying the groundwork for that in a future season. As for Pam's latest crackpot interest, let's just say she probably really enjoys "Doomsday Preppers."

archer-sea-tunt-part-2-malory-cheryl-pam-fx.jpg Malory is desperate for a drink: Yeah, yeah, when is she not? But being stuck in the middle of the ocean with no mini bar in sight is a fate she probably wouldn't wish on her worst enemy. Well, maybe Trudy Beekman.

There's a major change in the personal life of one of the ISIS team: The writers drop plenty of clues leading up to the big reveal (and dropped a couple in last week's episode as well). Watch closely and you'll figure it out before Archer does. Probably.
Photo/Video credit: FX