'Archer Vice' episode 4 GIFs and best lines: How much is that in 'Doctor Who' money?

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archer-vice-house-call-FX.jpgThis week on "Archer," Gary Cole returns as Agent Holley, who definitely has his suspicions about what the "Vice" squad is up to -- but he can't prove anything.

Pam is still chowing down on the drugs. It's making her kind of crazy, "King Kong" strong and has given her a svelte new cocaine figure. Woo hoo?

It's nice to see Woodhouse has gotten himself out of both the empty pool and the old-timey gymnasium. Hope he wasn't too mad about his phone.

Meanwhile, Krieger has perfected his mind-control chip, which they use to help Cheryl get over her stage fright and a star is born. Named Cherlene. Who might burn the house to the ground if she doesn't get some eggs and Carolina fries. Excellent.

Best Lines:

Cyril: "We are already down 125 kilos of cocaine, which was worth about $6 million."
Archer: "How much is that in pounds?"
Cyril: "Forget pounds, we're doing kilos!"
Archer: "No, I meant pounds --"
Malory: "Sterling!
Archer: "Exactly, as in 'Doctor Who' money."

Malory: "Lick it!"
Archer: "Ugh, well, OK, can't unhear that."

Archer: "You know how strong she is, might as well be green and half-deaf."

Malory: "Now you listen to me, missy. You are getting a brain chip and then you're going on the Grand Old Opera and I don't care if it kills you."

Lana: "So, just so we're clear, you want us to tranquilize a federal agent?"
Malory: "Do you have a better idea?"
Lana: "... I do not."

Cyril: "How do you not know the different kinds of porn?
Archer: "Because I have sex with actual women, Cyril. My girlfriend's not equal parts the internet, a tube of Kentucky jelly, self-loathing and a sock."

Ray: "You scared the s*** out of me."
Cheryl: "What, literally?"

Krieger: "This house is insane!"
Cyril: "And scary and gross and I'm pretty sure I smelled a skeleton."

Cherlene: "Cheryl's gone. I'm Cherlene now. And if somebody don't fry me six god**** eggs and some Carolina fries, I would personally be shocked -- shocked, I tell you -- if by morning this place ain't burnt to the ground."


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Photo/Video credit: FX