Arkansas jailer Jessie Lunderby fired after Playboy shoot

jessie-lunderby-playboy.jpg Jessie Lunderby is a 21-year-old jailer from Washington County, Arkansas who made national headlines when she posed for Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Week in June and was put on administrative leave by the county when they learned of her extracurricular activities.

Well now she is no longer on leave -- she has been fired. According to TMZ, Lunderby was canned for being "a distraction in the facility."  Like a pretty blonde girl working in a jail wasn't a distraction BEFORE Playboy came along.

Back in June, Lunderby was investigated for "conduct unbecoming of an officer" and for failing to get permission for off-duty work. But Jessie said she did get permission and that it wasn't an issue until the photos came out, according to Arkansas Online.