'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 1, episode 7 - 'In God We Trust'

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Welcome to the "Arrested Development" Rewatch. Leading up to the release of Season 4, Zap2it will be taking a look back at the 53 episodes that made the show one of our most beloved TV comedies. We continue with episode 7 of Season 1, "In God We Trust," which first aired Dec. 14, 2003. Watch the first three seasons of "Arrested Development" on Netflix.

Plot: At the center of "In God We Trust" is the Bluths' participation in the annual Orange County "living masterpieces" pageant. George Sr. and Buster traditionally appear as God and Adam, respectively in Michaelangelo's "The Creation of Adam." But of course this is complicated by George being in jail.

Also, Buster wants out, mostly because he is now dating Lucille Austero and doesn't want anyone to know.

In other plots, Michael and Lindsay get close except for when Lucille purposely breaks them up so as not to present a united front against her. George Michael wears a muscle suit to impress Maeby, who is being ignored by her parents. Michael tries very hard to replace the family lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn, with a more professional attorney, Wayne Jarvis. He fails.

The episode ends after George Sr. tries to escape during the pageant, George Michael plays Adam wearing Tobias' never-nude cut-off shorts and everyone spends Christmas Eve at the prison.

GIF-worthy scenes:


arrested-development-in-god-we-trust-tobias-never-nude.gif arrested-development-in-god-we-trust-tobias-never-nude-thunder-fox.gif arrested-development-in-god-we-trust-tobias-george-michael-fox.gif arrested-development-in-god-we-trust-tobias-gob-george-michael-fox.gif
Bluth Company status: They have $20,000 to spare, but the company isn't doing so great otherwise.

Secondary characters introduced: "In God We Trust" featured the arrival of two of the main "Arrested Development lawyers, the incompetent Barry Zuckerkorn ( Henry Winkler) and the professional Wayne Jarvis ( John Michael Higgins).

Milestones: While drinking with Michael, Lindsay reveals that Tobias is a Never-Nude -- and we see the cut-offs for the first time.

Huge mistakes: Lindsay and Michael try to get back at Lucille by paying a bond to get their dad out of jail. This results in George Sr.'s escape and Lucille dating Wayne Jarvis.

Most sexual tension: Maeby spots George Michael in a muscle suit, forcing the boy to spend the rest of the episode wearing it.

Best narrator commentary: "And so, many of the Bluth family gathered together for Christmas Eve... at prison."

Next on "Arrested Development": This was a rare episode that did not have fake teasers for the future. Too bad.

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