'Arrested Development' Rewatch: Season 3, episode 7 - 'Prison Break-In'

Welcome to the "Arrested Development" Rewatch. Leading up to the release of Season 4, Zap2it will be taking a look back at the 53 episodes that made the show one of our most beloved TV comedies. We continue with episode 7 of Season 3, "Prison Break-In," which first aired Dec. 12, 2005. Watch the first three seasons of "Arrested Development" on Netflix

In "Prison Break-In," the Bluth Foundation plans its annual fundraising gala, this time in honor of graft-versus-host disorder. Not coincidentally, Tobias ( David Cross) is suffering from the disease, thanks to his hair plants. Meanwhile, either Lucille ( Jessica Walter) or Warden Gentiles ( James Lipton) is working very hard to seduce the other. This is naturally all tied-up in yet another George Sr. ( Jeffrey Tambor) escape attempt. Also, Buster ( Tony Hale) has a turtle that eats pot and dies.

GIF-worthy scenes:

arrested-development-prison-break-in-3.gif arrested-development-prison-break-in-4.gif arrested-development-prison-break-in-5.gif

Bluth Company status:

Everyone is busy planning a gala at the prison. We'll just assume that things are as okay as they ever get at the Bluth Company.

Notable guest stars:

James Lipton comes back as Warden Gentiles.

Huge mistakes:

  • For two years the Bluth Foundation raised money for TBA (because they couldn't decide on a cause).
  • Buster keeps his pet turtle in a box full of pot. The turtle dies.
  • "It's a jetpack, Michael. What could possibly go wrong?"
  • Tobias' graft-versus-host disease turns out to be too disgusting and too fake for the gala attendees to want to help.
  • Oscar gets arrested in George's place. Again.

Most sexual tension:

  • Buster calls his pet turtle "Mother."
  • George Michael (Michael Cera) gets all excited about Maeby (yet again), after Michael says intra-familial love is natural and after Maeby (Alia Shawkat) gives him a screenplay that mentions cousins in love in prison.

Allusions to Tobias being gay:

"The guy runs a prison. He can have any piece of ass he wants!" -- Tobias on Warden Gentiles

Best narrator commentary:

  • "Actually he loved galas. All kids do!"
  • "That would be the happiest moment George Michael would ever experience in his life." (said when Maeby seems excited to share a prison cell with him)
  • "It's 'Most.'" -- In response to Gob referencing Danny Host instead of "Happy Days" actor Danny Most.

Next on "Arrested Development":

  • "George Michael gets closer to his family ..." -- but it's Tobias instead of Maeby in the cell, so ... "George Michael experiences his unhappiest moment ever."
  • Buster tries to play the guitar with his claw. It doesn't work. 
  • Gob gets his face smashed up against the glass of the conjugal-visit trailer. While his parents are having sex.

Photo/Video credit: FOX