'Arrested Development' Season 4 answers: The watermark, Steve Holt gets old, Henry Winkler's son and more!

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If you haven't yet watched the new episodes of "Arrested Development," steer clear of this article! But if you have tuned in to Season 4, chances are you might have some questions about some of the jokes. (Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.) We've gathered the most Something-Searched "Arrested Development" questions from the first day of streaming and found some answers for you.

steve-holt-arrested-development-age-before-after.jpg 1. Was that really Justin Grant Wade, who played Steve Holt in the first three seasons? When Gob's son, Steve Holt, reappeared in Season 4, he was barely recognizable -- as Michael so gently put it, he looked fifty years old. In real life, Wade still looks his age (he's 29!). He just wore a bald cap with a wig to make it look like his hairline had drastically receded for Season 4.

arrested-development-showstealer-pro.jpg 2. Was that watermark an error? Whenever the new season integrated a clip from Seasons 1-3, which was often, the old footage had a watermark stamped over it reading "SHOWSTEALER PRO TRIAL VERSION." It was a joke implying that the producers had to use a free-download video ripping software to "steal" their own show back from FOX in order to air it on Netflix. Of course, this isn't actually the case; it was just a fun nod to the show's origins. However, some viewers missed the gag... hundreds of tweets from viewers revealed their confusion.

arrested-development-barry-zuckerkorn-max-henry-winkler.jpg 3. Who played young Barry Zuckerkorn? In flashback scenes, we saw a young Lucille and George at their first meeting with overeager, incompetent attorney Barry Zuckerkorn. The kid who played the youthful version of the (terrible) lawyer was so much like Henry Winkler, we had to check on the casting -- and sure enough, the character was played by Winkler's real-life son, Max Winkler. Max is a successful director who recently directed three episodes of "New Girl" and four episodes of "The New Normal."

portia-de-rossi-plastic-surgery-before-after-arrested-development.jpg 4. What happened to Portia de Rossi?  Just good old plastic surgery. It was a little bit jarring to see how much Lindsay Bluth Fünke has changed since the show was canceled -- but de Rossi's obvious new face made all of Lindsay's protests about her daughter Maeby potentially getting plastic surgery even more hilarious.
Photo/Video credit: Netflix/FOX