'Arrested Development' Season 4 character posters: Here's what each one references

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In anticipation of the upcoming May 26 release of  "Arrested Development" Season 4, Netflix has rolled out nine awesome new posters that reference inside jokes about each member of the Bluth family. They're pretty clever, and since everyone might not be as obsessed with "Arrested Development" as we are, we decided to explain what the joke means in each one. Enjoy:

Michael Bluth

What the joke is: Michael Bluth repeatedly tries to sever ties with his family and the Bluth Company, though it never seems to work out quite like he plans. Based on the fact there's a fourth season of "Arrested Development," it seems as though he's been drawn back once again.

George Michael Bluth

What the joke is: George Michael has always been really confused about how to refer to himself when he's the manager of the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand. No matter how many times Michael tries to explain it, he always refers to himself as "Mr. Manager."

George Bluth Sr.

What the joke is: From what we hear, there's really something about those ice cream sandwiches in prison. As George Sr. likes to say, "I'm having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich."

Lucille Bluth

What the joke is: Don't take Lucille off her medication. You won't like her when she's off her medication.

Buster Bluth

What the joke is: After a seal bit off Buster's hand, he had to get a hook to replace it. He also really likes grape juice. It's not a winning combination.

GOB Bluth

What the joke is: Despite GOB's very descriptive note on the bag containing his dead dove in the Bluth family fridge, Michael still couldn't resist looking inside back in Season 3. We don't know what he was expecting to find either, but GOB sure thought that the pet store should have had a better return policy.

Lindsay Bluth

What the joke is: The Bluth family's assets might have been frozen, but that never stopped Lindsay from buying herself something nice and expensive whenever she felt like it.

Tobias Funke

What the joke is: Tobias is a never nude, no additional explanation required.

Maeby Funke

What the joke is: It seems as though Maeby has moved up in the world since the end of "Arrested Development" Season 3, as this poster claims she is now Vice President of Tantamount Studios. Maeby had initially conned her way into a job at the studio while trying to get out of writing a report on "The Old Man and The Sea." 

If you didn't get most of these inside jokes and you're a fan of "Arrested Development," you owe it to yourself to check out our "Arrested Development" Rewatch to refresh yourself on everything wonderful about this series.
Photo/Video credit: Netflix