'Arrow' holiday gift guide: Weapons, hoodies and more for the vigilantes on your list

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"Arrow" may take a break for the holiday season, but that doesn't mean the show's fans should go without. There are plenty of presents just perfect for any and all Oliver Queens on your list -- especially if that list is not a kill list.

Don't fail this Christmas!

Gifts under $50 arrow-gift-guide-tennis-balls.jpg

Bow and arrow earrings ($5.58) - Bows and arrows aren't just for subduing evil-doers. They can also accessorize!

"Arrow" Season 1 soundtrack ($9.99) - "Arrow" is about more than vigilantes and killing things. There's music too.

"Arrow" - Volume 1 ($9.99) - There's a book to go with the first season. This is it.

Tennis balls ($22.94) - A good archer needs some tricky targets to hit. Oliver's preference is tennis balls.
"Green Arrow: Into the Woods" ($22.99) - There are comic books and graphic novels that tell the story of Oliver Queen. They've been around for awhile. This is one of them.

Foam bow-and-arrow set ($24.99) - Any "Arrow" fan knows the danger that real projectiles can do. It might be better to go for the foam arrows.

"Bow and Arrow Hunting" magazine ($44.94) - This 12-month subscription tells stories about other people who like to shoot things with arrows.

Gifts under $100

arrow-gift-guide-green-hoodie.jpg Red hoodie ($56.95) - Before you can be Oliver Queen, you might want to try being Roy Harper for awhile. Start with a red hoodie, add the juvenile-delinquent attitude on your own.

A dozen practice arrows ($58.50) - You can't be a vigilante archer without lots of practice. With a dozen, you have a chance to hit all of those tennis balls (see above).
"Arrow" Season 1 Blu-ray ($69.97) - However much you may enjoy Season 2 of "Arrow," reminders of Season 1 are only going to enhance that.

Green hoodie ($73.98) - Being Oliver Queen starts with dressing like Oliver Queen. For that, you need a green, hooded sweatshirt.

Gifts over $100

One of Felicity's outfits ($228.00) - Even nerdy TV ladies like Felicity wear rather expensive and beautiful clothing. If you want to dress like Miss Smoak, prepare to spend some money for the designer clothing.

Heavy-duty crossbow kit ($249.99) - The kind of damage that Oliver Queen inflicts upon the bad guys can only be accomplished with a serious bow and arrow set. This is the kind that can cause that damage. Handle with care ...


Photo/Video credit: The CW, Amazon