'Arrow' midseason finale photos: Do Oliver and Roy die in 'Three Ghosts'?

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As "Arrow" ends the first half of Season 3, the stakes have never been higher. Oliver ( Stephen Amell) is close to death at the beginning of "Three Ghosts," and only Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin) can save his life.

And it just gets worse from there. Get a preview of this "Arrow" episode with photos from "Three Ghosts."

Warning: There are some minor "Arrow" spoilers contained in these photos and in their descriptions. Be careful what you read.

First of all, despite his initial condition in the episode, it's likely that Oliver Queen will survive his injection with some sort of mystery drug.

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-1-oliver.jpgOliver is not, however, very happy about Barry finding out his secret.

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-2-oliver-felicity-diggle.jpgHe even takes out that anger on Felicity!

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-3-oliver-felicity.jpgThere are, however, other problems going on. Since the police are going nowhere, Thea and Sin take their suspicions about Sebastian Blood's blood drives to Laurel.

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-5-sin-thea-laurel.jpgOfficer Lance is hoping to figure out what's going on too. Is he really going to take on a man with superhuman strength?

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-6-lance.jpgRemember, Sebastian Blood has an informant in the police station ...

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-7-sebastian-blood.jpgRoy, meanwhile, gets himself into something of a bind.

arrow-three-ghosts-cw-8-roy-harper.jpgNeedles never mean anything good on "Arrow." Could this be the end for Roy?

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Photo/Video credit: The CW