'Arrow' photos: Nyssa al Ghul and a Lance reunion in 'Heir to the Demon'

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arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-1-katrina-law-nyssa-al-ghul.jpg "Arrow" may be getting a new villain in the upcoming episode, "Heir to the Demon." Nyssa al Ghul ( Katrina Law) arrives in Starling City in order to find the Canary ( Caity Lotz). But does the daughter of Ra's al Ghul want more from Sara than just her return to the League of Assassins?

Elsewhere in the episode, Laurel ( Katie Cassidy) continues her descent into drug and alcohol problems. This causes Oliver ( Stephen Amell) and Officer Lance ( Paul Blackthorne) to try to convince Sara to stick around. But even as Dinah Lance ( Alex Kingston) returns to town, Nyssa targets Sara's mother as an incentive to get the former assassin back.

Sticking around or not, Sara is definitely up to her old ways.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-2-caity-lotz.jpgIs her father going to be OK with this?

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-3-lance-sara-caity-lotz.jpgNyssa al Ghul probably is not.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-4-katrina-law.jpgIt's hard to say about Oliver.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-5-stephen-amell.jpgIn the past, Laurel and Sara were a lot more like normal sisters.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-6-katie-cassidy-caity-lotz.jpgThey had a happy, smiling mother too.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-7-alex-kingston.jpgAnd the whole family ate dinner together.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-8-lance-laurel-dinah.jpgIn the present, Laurel isn't doing quite as well.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-9-paul-blackthorne-katie-cassidy.jpgNyssa may not be the kind of woman you want to anger.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-10-katrina-law-caity-lotz.jpgShe looks dangerous.

arrow-heir-to-the-demon-cw-11-katrina-law-caity-lotz.jpg"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW