'Arrow' photos: The training of Roy Harper in 'Tremors'

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arrow-tremors-roy-cw-1-stephen-amell-colton-haynes.jpg "Arrow" has a Roy Harper problem these days. The teenage vigilante-in-training can't really know the secret of the Arrow -- since he's dating Oliver's little sister -- but mirakuru means that an untrained Roy is a dangerous Roy.

Thus, training begins in the upcoming episode, "Tremors."

Roy ( Colton Haynes) isn't likely to be a good, patient student. This could be a problem when Oliver ( Stephen Amell) has the young man do that slapping-water exercise from martial arts.

arrow-tremors-roy-cw-2-colton-haynes-stephen-amell.jpgIn fact, Roy might just break the bowl.

arrow-tremors-roy-cw-3-colton-haynes.jpgMoving on to fighting skills, the Arrow shows his protege how it's done.

arrow-tremors-roy-cw-4-stephen-amell-colton-haynes.jpgRoy seems to be getting it ...

arrow-tremors-roy-cw-5-colton-haynes.jpgUntil he breaks this piece of equipment as well.

arrow-tremors-roy-cw-6-colton-haynes.jpgTraining could end up being very, very difficult.

"Tremors" airs Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW