'Arrow' Season 2 photos: The Clock King and an awkward dinner in 'Time of Death'

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"Arrow" Season 2 is about to get a lot more awkward in "Time of Death." Not only is there a deadly foe, The Clock King ( Robert Knepper), but there is also the fact that Oliver and Sara have gotten back together.

Photos from the episode make this very clear.

The Lances throw a family dinner to welcome Sara ( Caity Lotz) back home.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-1.jpgOliver ( Stephen Amell) comes too.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-2.jpgUnfortunately, this results in a rather awkward situation between the sisters.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-3.jpgIs it enough to drive Laurel ( Katie Cassidy) back to drugs?

arrow-time-of-death-cw-4.jpgThe new Lance family bliss, however, seems to be working out well for Officer Lance ( Paul Blackthorne) and his ex-wife, Dinah ( Alex Kingston).

arrow-time-of-death-cw-5.jpgMeanwhile, a new threat comes in the form of William Tockman, the Clock King.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-6.jpgHis clever technology manages to infiltrate even the Arrow lair. Because of this -- and because Oliver and Sara are getting so close again -- Felicity ( Emily Bett Rickards) feels the need to prove her worth.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-7.jpgBut she might need the Canary to save her in the attempt.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-8.jpgThe Clock King has a moment of triumph.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-9.jpgThis is likely because the Canary has not yet struck.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-10.jpgWhen she does, things go badly for the villain.

arrow-time-of-death-cw-11.jpg"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW