'Arrow' Season 2 premiere photos: Oliver returns in 'City of Heroes'

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arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-1.jpgAfter the destruction of the Glades last season, "Arrow" Season 2 brings a somewhat fresh start to the series' hero journey. With new enemies -- like Isabel Rochev ( Summer Glau) -- and new roles, photos from the premiere episode, "City of Heroes," are needed to show what's coming next.

What's going to happen in this episode? To start with, Diggle ( David Ramsey) and Felicity ( Emily Bett Rickards) have to travel to Lian Yu to retrieve Oliver ( Stephen Amell). They do get him back home, but the city and the Queens' world are in worse shape than expected: Rochev wants to take over Queen Consolidated, Thea ( Willa Holland) won't visit her mother in prison, Roy ( Colton Haynes) is trying to be the city's new vigilante, and Laurel ( Katie Cassidy) is working to end the freelance crime-fighting with the District Attorney's office.

There are also the island flashbacks, which show a desperate situation for Oliver, Slade ( Manu Bennett) and Shado ( Celina Jade).

Check out the photos below:

Once they get him back home, Diggle and Felicity still need to get Oliver working.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-2.jpgOliver doesn't look too happy about it.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-3.jpgMeanwhile, Officer Lance ( Paul Blackthorne) talks to Roy about some vigilante stuff.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-4.jpgBack on the island, Shado looks happy -- unlike the men.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-5.jpgOliver makes a rather dramatic entrance for his meeting with Isabel.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-6.jpgIsabel Rochev is a formidable opponent.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-7.jpgBut so is Oliver.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-8.jpgOliver also has backup to help him out.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-9.jpgHe may need it when the meeting gets violent.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-10.jpgDiggle takes aim.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-11.jpgOliver and Felicity run to safety.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-12.jpgWilla is not pleased with Roy.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-13.jpgShe will still kiss him though.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-14.jpgOliver waits for Thea at the bar.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-15.jpgBrother and sister probably have a lot to talk about.

arrow-201-city-of-heroes-cw-16.jpg"Arrow" Season 2 premieres Wednesday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW