'Arrow' spoilers: 5 things to know about the Flash's arrival in 'The Scientist'

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"Arrow" fans! The upcoming episode, "The Scientist," introduces Barry Allen ( Grant Gustin) -- the man who will soon be known as the Flash. What's coming in this excellent episode?

Check out five big spoilers here.

1. Barry Allen has a rather impressive entrance into the episode. It highlights just how much of a clumsy nerd this guy is -- before he becomes a superhero anyway.

2. There have been few episodes of "Arrow" in which the events on the island and the events in the present-day parallel as perfectly as they do in "The Scientist." Flashbacks in this episode are absolutely essential: Dr. Ivo's work didn't stay stranded on that island.

3. People who have been upset that "Arrow" doesn't have enough comic-book themes like super-strength and pseudoscience will absolutely love "The Scientist."

4. Felicity ( Emily Bett Rickards) and Barry hit it off right away. Nerd calls to nerd, after all. Look for Oliver to have a very Oliver-ish reaction to the competition.

5. Having been exonerated of her crimes, Moira Queen does what Queens do best -- she has a party. But is it a party without guests? (And no, Malcolm Merlyn is not invited.)

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Photo/Video credit: The CW