Ashley Samson: Tiger Woods, Rachel Uchitel 'were in love'

Uchitel_Samson.jpgAshley Samson, who first broke the news about Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel's affair to the National Enquirer, says Rachel told her -- and others -- that she and Tiger were "in love."

"She told me I'm having an affair with Tiger Woods and we're in love," Ashley reveals in a video interview with  "I heard them on the phone telling each other that 'I miss you so much' and 'love you so much.'"

Ashley learned about the affair during a trip to Spain. "She was bragging about it and she gave us very graphic details about it."

The truth has apparently not set Samson free. "She has made my life hell," the Playboy-esque young woman says of Uchitel.

Samson says she has refused money to deny her story and she's thinking of legal recourse against Rachel. 

"I'm so mad I'm thinking of suing her for trashing my name," Ashley says.