Ashton Kutcher fancies Alec Baldwin's chest hair

kutcher-baldwin.jpgWhile the rest of the world is busy digesting the news that Ashton Kutcher will probably be replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men," Kutcher himself remains mum. Which is a difficult thing to do when you're a guy who tweets his thoughts to more than six million people 24/7.

When the news broke on Thursday (May 12) we, of course, checked Kutcher's feed for some germ of confirmation. And, there is indeed a lone emoticon smiley face in Kutcher's feed that was posted shortly after news started breaking across the Web that he's totally #winning.

But we like what he posted next much better.

A photo of a young Alec Baldwin with what appears to be a Yeti-like amount of chest hair. Seriously, we think it's a mark of Kutcher's cool that even as he suddenly won the primetime lottery, he's still his random self.

Keep on tweeting, buddy.

Photo/Video credit: Archive/Getty Images