Ashton Kutcher heads to the DMV with TruTV; Benjamin Bratt returns to 'Modern Family'

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ashton-kutcher-two-and-a-half-men-320.jpgStart your weekend a little early with these TV snacks:

Ashton Kutcher's production company, Katalyst, is teaming up with TruTV to produce a series about ... the DMV? OK. "California DMV: Field Offices" will feature more than people waiting in line for hours; in fact, Kutcher's partner Jason Goldberg says, it will offer "a glimpse at what DMV workers experience, from strange to hilarious." If you say so. [ TruTV]

Benjamin Bratt will be pulling double duty on ABC this fall. He's a series regular on "Private Practice," and he'll also return to "Modern Family" for a guest spot as Gloria's ( Sofia Vergara) ex, Javier. He'll join the Pritchetts for a day at the racetrack and once again get Jay's ( Ed O'Neill) competitive fire going. [ EW]

Radiohead will make its second appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in the show's season premiere on Sept. 24. The band will join Alec Baldwin -- who's making his record-setting 16th appearance as host -- on the show. [ NBC]

A current Indiana Pacer will join former Pacers star Detlef Schrempf on "Parks and Recreation" this fall. Pacers center Roy Hibbert, all 7 feet, 2 inches of him, filmed a cameo on the show this week, which is one way to pass the time during the NBA lockout. { @Dschrempf]

Curious what Jason Patric might look like as Christian Walker in FX's pilot "Powers"? Well, here you go -- the first image from the pilot is out. [ Chicago Sun-Times]

There's another hopeful sign for the not-quite-dead FOX comedy "Breaking In": The network has decided not to continue with its comedy pilot "Family Album," which had been in consideration for a midseason spot. FOX and the "Album" team reworked the pilot but "could not get a clear handle on the creative direction" of the show. That means "Breaking In" could still be in play for midseason. [ Deadline]

Adam Carolla is developing an animated show at FOX. "The Birchums" is based on a character he created during his days at KROQ in Los Angeles, an old-school wood-shop teacher. Carolla will voice the character and produce a pilot presentation with former "King of the Hill" exec producers John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky. [ TV Guide]
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