Ashton Kutcher's trailer; New pictures of the mobile palace

ashton-kutcher-teen-choice-getty.jpg Ashton Kutcher's trailer is bigger than your house. It's nicer too.

Photos continue to emerge of the much-scrutinized trailer for Charlie Sheen's replacement on "Two and a Half Men," with the newest revealing that Kutcher's not going to settle for an average Star Waggon while in between takes.

According to People, the Taj MaKutcher is two stories and more than 1,000 square feet. It has a conference room, two bathrooms and seven (yes, seven) 60-inch plasma TVs.

The über-trailer reportedly costs Warner Bros, the production company behind the show, $35,000 each month.

The former underwear model knows how to live, eh?

Here are some pictures of "Two and a Half Trailers"...

Semi truck not included.

ashton-kutcher-trailer-anderson-mobile.jpgThe lounge for guests. No writers allowed!

kutcher-trailer-bathroom-anderson-mobile.jpgThe bathroom. Do you think Kutcher picked the animal-print accessories?

Photo/Video credit: Anderson Mobile Estates, Getty