Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty': 6 reasons it's a terrible music video

Avril Lavigne's latest music video, for "Hello Kitty," is something alright. It's not something good, though. It's actually sort of terrible. On top of that, it's being called racist and offensive, which is probably not something Lavigne was looking forward to.

Discounting any possible racist undertones in the video, what makes it so bad? There's a number of reasons why it might be considered less than fantastic, but here's a few of them to get the conversation rolling.

1. A cupcake dress? Really? The video takes place in a candy shop, there are giant cakes and even Lavigne's clothes are edible? This thing is practically oozing diabetes.

2. The choreography in the video is bizarre. Her backup dancers move like robots and Avril only joins in on their absolute simplest moves. The rest of the time she just sort of sways around and tries to look like she has attitude.

3. No, really. This is her big move to close the video. Either she's shaking out her hair or throwing some sort of tantrum.

4. Gwen Stefani did emotionless Japanese backup dancers already, and she did it way better with "Harajuku Girls." If you're going to try something that's been done, at least attempt to be better than the other high-profile version.

5. The song is called "Hello Kitty." That should tell you at least one thing that will appear in the video. Guess who doesn't show up even once? If you guessed Hello Kitty, you'd be right. Instead, viewers are assaulted by lots of bright colors and nonsense. If you're going to write a song about Hello Kitty, secure the rights to use the character.

6. She really loves sushi, more than anyone has in the history of the planet. The above GIF hasn't been sped up at all, that's just how she celebrates food being served. Going out to dinner with her seems like a chore.

You can see the full video below. What do you think about it?

Photo/Video credit: Epic Records/Sanrio/AOL