'Awake': Michael Britten's seeing penguins

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Michael Britten ( Jason Isaacs) gets some fowl costars on Thursday's (April 5) episode of "Awake" titled, "That's Not My Penguin." Britten is working with his therapist Dr. Lee ( BD Wong) to quell a hostage situation at a mental hospital in one world, while continuing to mix up details about each of his realities. Plus, he starts seeing penguins, but are they only a hallucination or is someone trying to make him think he's hallucinating?

Laura Allen, who plays Britten's wife, Hannah, said she's been looking forward to this episode.

"It introduces ... a whole new dimension to what this man can dream about," she said during a conference call last month. And Isaacs concurs.

"Since one of the worlds is a dream, crazy s--- can start happening," Isaacs told Zap2it in March. "Odd things start happening to him that you can't quite explain. ... Coming down the road, there's a lot more than penguins."

Check out the clips below from "That's Not My Penguin," which airs on NBC Thursday at 10 p.m.

Do you think the penguins are hallucinations?
Photo/Video credit: NBC