Ayla Brown on 'The Early Show': The Browns' Obama basketball challenge

ayla-brown-early-show.jpg Ayla Brown stopped by "The Early Show" Tuesday (Jan. 26) to promote her new EP "Circles" and said her dad Scott Brown has challenged President Obama in basketball.

Apparently when President Obama phoned Scott Brown to congratulate him on his Senate win in Massachusetts last week, Brown challenged Obama to a friendly game of two-on-two -- Scott and Ayla (who plays for Boston College) versus Obama and whomever he chooses. Oooh, showdown!

Ayla also performed the single "No More" from her new album "Circles," which hits stores and iTunes today. She also said she would certainly consider playing in the WNBA if the opportunity presented itself and talked about how devastated she was when she was eliminated from "American Idol."

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Photo credit: CBS