Aziz Ansari hosts 'Ask Me Anything,' talks comedians, Entertainment 720 and food

aziz-ansari-parks-and-rec.jpg Aziz Ansari, who stars on the wonderful NBC comedy "Parks and Recreation," has started a very cool way of interacting with fans - he opened an "Ask Me Anything" thread on Reddit. The entire thing is way too long to post here, but here are some highlights:

Jhegro: "Do you feel that Indian/Asians are still being cast into certain stereotypical roles in Hollywood and how do you think Indian/Asian-Americans can change that?"

Ansari: "That's on the actors themselves. I got offered those parts when I first started out and always turned them down and made it clear I wasn't interested in playing ethnic stereotypes or characters who's comedy comes purely from having a "funny accent." Over the past few years, that stuff has been aggressively countered by actors like myself, Mindy Kaling, Danny Pudi, etc. We are all playing characters who are funny for reasons that have nothing do with ethnic humor. Things have changed a lot. I couldn't imagine growing up and seeing an Indian person on a sitcom, now EVERY sitcom has that token Indian person. Pretty cool."

CommanderCacho: "Who are your 3 favorite stand-up comedians right now?"

Ansari: "Louis CK is an obvious answer from everybody now. I also love Hannibal Burress and Chelsea Peretti."

JTQ1: "How do I get a job with Entertainment 720?"

Ansari: "Write a three thousand word essay on the topic of what the phrase 'Ballin' Out of Control' means to you and email it to Tom or Jean Ralphio."

Honztastic: "What really changed on the show for it to find it's voice at the end of season 1? Were you or any other cast essential in making that happen? There's a clear difference from season 1 to season 2 in the quality of characters' personality."

Ansari: "The show just changed in the same natural progression of most sitcoms. Season 1 was only six episodes. If you watch the first six episodes of any long running sitcom like Seinfeld, etc. you'll notice it takes a while before the show and the characters completely lock in on their voice."

Todos_los_dias: "I know you love your foods, so which fictional P+R food sounds best to you? Ron's Turkey burger? Chris's "cake"? Mulligan's Steak? J.J.'s Waffles? Sweetum's?"

Ansari: "I bet JJ's probably kills it at brunch. I'll go with JJ's!"

KirbyPuckett: "Do you have any plans to collaborate with Donald Glover on anything in the future?"

Ansari: "At the moment no specific plans, but Donald and I are friends. I would like to collaborate with Jason Statham, but there are no plans, and we are not friends either. Let me know if you can help."

A "Community"/"Parks and Rec" crossover would certainly bring two of our massive fandoms together. Also, how cool is Ansari for doing this? We hope more celebrities start following suit.
Photo/Video credit: NBC