'Baby Daddy' premiere first look: Jean-Luc Bilodeau gets naked

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jean-luc-bilodeau-naked-baby-daddy-elevator.jpgThe star of ABC Family's sitcom "Baby Daddy" is getting naked. (Yeah, you read that right -- this is ABC Family). You can peep Jean-Luc Bilodeau's nude scene in Zap2it's exclusive first look at the show's winter premiere, "The Naked Truth."

Don't worry -- the shots aren't too scandalous. This is a basic cable network with a younger-skewing audience we're talking about here. In fact, Bilodeau tells Zap2it via email that he actually shot the revealing scene in front of a live studio audience. 

"Yeah, you bet it was [live]. I was nearly naked in front of that audience for an exciting three hours. Needless to say, it was the closest I've ever felt to the audience members," he says.

In case you're wondering, Bilodeau wasn't actually naked in front of an audience of people -- just mostly naked. "I wore a flesh-colored skintight speedo with the sides cut off and bra straps pinned to hold the front and back from falling off," he explains. "With a little CGI they removed the bra straps in post-production and it looked like I was really naked."

Jokes Bilodeau, "It was a cold day. Let's just say I'm glad I didn't drop the food service domes from hiding my funny business ... Especially with the cameras rolling."

Doing a nude scene even for comedic effect requires some amount of prep. Bilodeau spent three weeks intensely working out before shooting the scene. "I binged on everything at craft service as soon as I was finished shooting, so I probably gained all the weight I lost right back."

You might be surprised that ABC Family can get so risque, but Bilodeau isn't. "I've worked for ABC Family on two shows; I know all about getting naked," he says. "My first naked scene was on the first season of 'Kyle XY' back when I was only 15 years old."

In the episode, Ben (Bilodeau) and Riley ( Chelsea Kane) are trying to take their relationship to the next level but keep getting rudely interrupted. Hijinks ensue when Ben plans a romantic afternoon for his new girlfriend but his baby mama Angela thinks the outing is meant for her. Talk about awkward!

Peep the stills below. "Baby Daddy" airs Wednesday nights at 8:30 p.m. on ABC Family, and Season 3 premieres tomorrow night, Wednesday, Jan. 15.

baby-daddy-jean-luc-bilodeau-naked.jpg jean-luc-bilodeau-shirtless-naked-baby-daddy.jpg

Photo/Video credit: ABC Family