'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik's alternate ending to the finale

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For "Jimmy Kimmel Live," "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik filmed a spoof of the finale where he chooses Chris Harrison as his soulmate instead of either finalist Lindzi Cox or Courtney Robertson - hee! The extremely dorky handshake is delightful, but then -

The men go on to ride a tandem bike, frolic on the beach, eat spaghetti "Lady and the Tramp"-style and have a romantic pillow fight - until Chris Harrison "realizes" and "reveals" he's married to a woman. Heh. OK, that was pretty funny.

We think we would have much preferred Ben running off with Chris Harrison to Ben choosing Courtney, with that uber-fake proposal full of gushing platitudes - "You're my forever, I love you so much." Uh huh.

What did you think, "Bachelor" fans?
Photo/Video credit: ABC