'Bachelor Pad 3' finale spoilers: Which couple wins and which couple is engaged?

bachelor-pad-season-3-cast-abc.jpgThe "Bachelor Pad" finale doesn't air until Sept. 10, but thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we already know which couple is voted the winner -- and whether they shared the money.

RS already let us in on the final two couples in July:

Rachel Trueheart ("The Bachelor" Season 16, Ben Flajnik) and Nick Peterson ("The Bachelorette" Season 7, Ashley Herbert)

Chris Bukowski ("The Bachelorette" Season 8, Emily Maynard) and Sarah Newlon ("The Bachelor" Season 11, Brad Womack)

The finale was taped on Sunday (Aug. 26) -- and no, ABC did NOT announce who the next "Bachelor" will be during the taping -- and according to Reality Steve, the winning couple is ...

"Nick and Rachel win almost unanimously," Reality Steve writes on his blog. "I think only three people even voted for Chris and Sarah."

Just like in the first two seasons, Nick and Rachel then have to individually decided whether to vote "share" -- where they would split the $250,000 (which is what happened in the first two seasons) -- or "keep" -- where the person who chooses "keep" gets the full $250,00. If they both pick "keep," then neither gets anything.

"They come out from backstage, and Rachel choose 'Share.' However, Nick chose 'Keep,' so Nick wins all $250k. He says how no one came on this show to win $125,000. They all wanted to (and talked about) winning $250,000. Nick said he never had an alliance with anyone, Rachel included. He was always just out for himself."

"Rachel is mad at Nick because her argument is that everyone that voted for Nick and Rachel voted for them because of her, not him," RS continues. "Then he went and took all the money. She apparently stormed off and was very upset/angry, hence the reason she apparently was a drunken mess at the after party and got sick."

In happier news, one couple got engaged during the finale taping -- Tony and Blakely!

"Tony proposed to her at the taping while she was up in the hot seat and she said yes," RS writes. "She is moving in with him and his son."
Photo/Video credit: ABC