'Bachelor Pad's' Ella Nolan has five plastic surgeries after seeing self on camera

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ella-nolan-life-style-plastic-surgery-bachelor-pad.jpg Erica Rose may have been good for one thing on "Bachelor Pad" - hooking her fellow contestants up with her father Dr. Franklin Rose, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. First Vienna Girardi had her nose done, now Ella Nolan has revealed her body after her five procedures.

Ella tells LIfe & Style, "TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me. And I've always wanted my breasts done. Before I got pregnant with my son, Ethan, about 10 years ago, my boobs were fabulous. They haven't been the same since."

So Ella underwent over five hours of surgery that included a rhinoplasty, breast implants and liposuction on her tummy, hips and thighs.

Dr. Rose says, "We removed 3 liters of fat from her hips, thighs and lower abdomen. That should bring her down at least four dress sizes. Her breasts, a small B, were enlarged to a large C-small D."

"I got everything I wanted. I feel incredible. I can't stop touching my new boobs!" says Ella.

For the full set of before and after shots, pick up Life & Style on newsstands now.

We're all for feeling like the best version of yourself, but we always liked the way Ella looked, she was already a beautiful woman. What do you think, "Bachelor Pad" fans?
Photo/Video credit: Michael Williams, Life & Style