'Bachelor' Sean 'didn't expect' what he got from AshLee during 'Women Tell All' special

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sean-ashlee-bachelor-women-tell-all-special.jpgMonday night (March 4) was the always-entertaining "Bachelor: Women Tell All" reunion special on ABC, where most of the bachelorettes were happy to see Sean Lowe and each other. Except for AshLee, who still wanted answers as to why she was eliminated.

Sean blogs about the awkward reunion between the two of them for People:

I knew AshLee was an emotional person, so I didn't really expect her to be all smiles like Des was, but I definitely didn't expect what I got ... Let me set the record straight - I never said [I didn't have feelings for the other women]. I would never say that. It just doesn't make sense. Of course I had feelings for the other two women. That's been apparent for weeks! And not only did I have feelings for them, I was falling in love with them. I even had feelings for women like Des and Leslie, who weren't even there anymore. In that moment on WTA, I felt like it was an attack on my character, so I began to get defensive. I was so stunned by the accusation that I was speechless.

Sean adds that his getting to address Sarah was cut, but that he was "happy and relieved" to see that Sarah is very positive about her experience on the show. He also says Dez would definitely have his vote for the next Bachelorette.

Meanwhile, host Chris Harrison writes for EW regarding the Tierra interview:

I felt like I was very fair with Tierra and let her try to explain her side before bringing the ladies in. At the end of our talk she came up with an apology and seemed to take a little responsibility for her actions. You could tell, though, she definitely still considers herself the victim here. The other women let her speak and then had their say but honestly it wasn't going to go anywhere. The other women feel like they gave her every chance in the world to be nice, but Tierra just wouldn't have it. With all these situations I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in between but to be sure, neither side was willing to give much ground on this.

He adds, "This has been one of the best seasons we have ever had, and the finale is easily worthy of being the final chapter of such an epic season. I'll see you Monday night as we go live from Hollywood."

"The Bachelor" airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.
Photo/Video credit: ABC