'Bachelorette' Ali Fedotowsky vs. the Icelandic volcano

ali-fedotowsky-bachelorette-abc.jpgThis season, "The Bachelorette's" search for love is sending Ali Fedotowsky around the world, including Turkey, Portugal and the "Who knew?" danger zone of Iceland.

"We got to Iceland about two days before the volcano exploded," Ali tells Zap2it. "We took a helicopter. I was standing on a mountain about 100 yards from the volcano. It was pretty amazing."

However, while the cloud of volcanic ash that's formed in the aftermath of the eruption continues to wreak havoc on everything from the Coachella music, Tribeca and Cannes film festivals to the "Robin Hood" and "Iron Man 2" press junkets, Ali's pursuit of a soulmate was allowed to continue without the added obstacle of being stranded in Iceland for the forseeable future.