'Bachelorette' Desire Hartsock debuts glamour shots

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desiree-hartsock-bachelorette-2.jpgABC has released the first set of glamorous shots of "Bachelorette" Desiree Hartsock, looking lovely in a dress made of roses in the promotional poster and very down-to-earth in her jeans and pretty blouse.

This 26-year-old bridal stylist is hoping to one day own her own bridal boutique, but also dreams of finding love like her parents have -- they've been married for 35 years. She hopes to someday travel the world with the man of her dreams and is positive she can find her soulmate on "The Bachelorette."

Are you getting excited, fans? "The Bachelorette" premieres Monday, May 27 on ABC.

desiree-hartsock-bachelorette-5.jpg desiree-hartsock-bachelorette-3.jpg
Photo/Video credit: ABC